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Vyroids are a family of organisms which have been steadily consuming the plane of existence since their emergence during the 1970th cycle - 45 cycles ago. In this time vyroids seem to have consumed most of the known planiverse. In the 1994th cycle a small isthmus connecting the final 12 sectors to another vyroid-free "island" of sectors was closed off by a massive vyroid flood. It is likely that this island and others may still be holding out against the vyroids, but communications cannot pass through the vyroid wasteland.

Most believe vyroids are mindless consuming goo, but reports of organized behavior and rapid adaptation have led some to postulate that the vyroids operate as colonial organisms and may even have an advanced caste system. Data to support these theories is very sparse however, since study of the vyroids can only be done on the edge of the consumption.

known species[]

vyroidi convidus (Conway's vyroids) - basic CGoL vyroids

vyroidi vividus (HighLife vyroids) - more prolific than CGoL vyroids

vyroidi gigantus (hulkers) - giant vyroid cells

vyroidi minimus (buggers) - tiny vyroid cells

vyroidi hereditae (rainbows) - mutlicolored vyroids that seem to inherit traits from neighbors

vyroid structures[]


guard tower



vyroid generator concept art