The Assembly is a collective consciousness of (a remaining) several hundred sentient beings who - despite their varying original races - operate as a single entity.

After completing several trials, assembly initiates undergo a procedure to convert their mind into a "shell interface" which connects to a communications network. The Assembly blur the line between individual and collective, and are the only known sentient colonial organism. Once initiated, a member's host-body becomes an asset of the collective. The Assembly also connects into non-sentient beings, building-size platforms, and everything between.

The Assembly claims attainment of true balance through unification, but some criticize their all-consuming methods of integration into the Assembly and claim of mistreatment of the non-integrated. As a result, the Assembly has established "camps" in remote locations such as the Converted Forest, wherein all organisms have been converted.

The Assembly has found what it views as evidence that another entity once unified the universe before it. All life seems to share a common designer, and the Assembly aims to re-unify all under singular consciousness, bringing balance through homogeneity.