seekers (finctus quaesus) are a sentient race of social beings characterized by their stiff exo-orb, internal automata grid, and a general interest in exploration, discovery, and creation.

The pattern displayed on a seeker's automata grid is unique by design, such that no two seekers with the same pattern exist at one time. Each pattern has a unique ancestry and role in seeker society.


Reproduction Edit

Seekers are generated by a large facility known as a Seeker Fabricator and have little concept of aging, however, after several thousand cycles seekers minds become unstable. The age of fatigue varies greatly between individuals and some seekers have been known to remain stable for tens of thousands of cycles.

The status of all living seekers are tracked in the Index Vivo database. The death of a seeker is immediately noted in the database. To keep the balance, new seekers are fabricated to replace a fallen seeker line in the generation immediately following the late seeker's demise. The new seeker is fabricated at the nearest reactor to their ancestor's death.

Newly created seekers are born with pre-loaded concept of their role in seeker society, and their first order of business is typically to investigate and document the most recent works of their predecessor.