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Welcome to the Planiverse Bridge Wikia[]

Planiverse Bridge is an action adventure based in a 2D world called Pixelon where all-consuming cellular automata called the Vyroids have appeared and are steadily consuming all of existence. The game is currently under development, and this wiki provides details about Pixelon's geography, inhabitants, and history.

The universe in which the game takes place is referred to as “the planiverse” (plane + universe) by NPCs in the same way we refer to “the universe”. The player is connected to Pixelon through a planiverse bridge (hey look, the title) which was created between the player's orb and our universe. The “inter-verse bridge orb” also contains basic shield and weapons tech in addition to the capability of maintaining the bridge between universes through which the player is sending/receiving information.

Universe-bridging such as was done to connect the player to the planiverse has been outlawed for millennia and many believe it no more than a myth. Furthermore, as the planiverse is strictly 2d, only advanced mathematicians have concept of higher-dimensional space and talking to NPCs in 3d terms may result in a great deal of confusion.

Much of the known Planiverse has already been consumed by the vyroids, and most have given up hope. A small group of zealots looking to ancient artifacts and fables of the last coming and how a god from a higher dimension brought balance and ended the great consumption have created a bridge which can (theoretically) bridge two planiverses.

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early Planiverse Bridge concept art